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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

two areas to cover

We have had some strange changes on my mission including a couple emergency transfers, a couple 3- somes, and a lot of companions. This week was transfer call and we were quite surprised with more news. Our mission is decreasing in size and so our neighboring area is disappearing. It is an extremely small branch that is an hour and a half bus ride away. President called us on transfer night and informed us that we are now in charge of both areas for this transfer. Suddenly our area doubled in size. We will probably need to do splits weekly in order to keep missionaries in the branch because the 2 missionaries make up nearly half the branch! Elder Kerrigan and I will be staying together as co-seniors and we are being put into a different district. I'm excited to have 2 houses, 2 phones, 2 areas, and such things. Change is always an adventure. The hard thing will be the large amount of travel that could possibly be spent to get there and back. I'm not a fan of buses and it takes 2 to get there. We are now out here by ourselves.

This week was good. We were able to go to a Korean style giant Bone fire this last week. The whole city gets together and basically wishes the city blessings and they burn a 20 foot pile of trees. It was pretty fun. Naturally we got to talk to a lot of people as the whole city was all there squished together for us. That same night we also met an Indian man who had lived in America for 10 years and now is teaching at a university near here. He had only been in Korea 2 days and was expressing his frustration with not being able to communicate and wondering if he could really do his 2 year contract. It reminded me quite a bit of missionary work. We don't currently have any really strong investigators but we do have a few. Most just want us for our English. I can't believe that I only have 4 transfers left. It is scary but then I realize that it is still a quarter of my mission. I still have time. Life is going good here. The church is true and brings happiness to EVERY ONE'S life.

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