The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Korean Olympian

Hello! I hope all is well and everyone is watching the Olympics. Korea is apparently doing quite well especially on ice. Pretty much everyone has it on and they are all quite excited about 김연아(Kim yun ah) She as been in the newspapers for months now in anticipation for this. By the way, if you are a male in Korea and win a medal you are considered a national hero and do not have to go to the mandatory military 2 year service. Its a pretty good incentive. Anyway, this week was good. At church we had 2 less actives come that we have been working with and one says she plans on coming from now on. We were really excited to see her come back and begin the repentance process. This gospel brings so many blessings into peoples lives. It makes it a lot easier to share when you have a testimony of that. This week we had a lady come to our English class that we had contacted a couple of days ago. It is surprisingly rare to try to get people to come to a free English class. I am convinced that if we had people pay for it we could get more members. Weird. Anyway, we knew she was coming so we got a member that is about her age to come as well so it wouldn't be so awkward. It was really good and hopefully she can meet her sometime outside of English class and not about English. She said that she doesn't know her time schedule though. The member we brought is amazing. I mention her a lot because she is probably the best member missionary I know. She is always trying to visit less actives with us and has taught investigators with us many times. She even found 2 investigators that we are teaching now. A member like that can make or break a small branch like this. We had a good week. I hope that all is well back home and that you are paying attention to those Olympic Koreans! Elder Anderson

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