The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy New Year (In Korea I am 22 years old. 20 in America)

Hello! I hope that everyone had a fantastic New Year this last week. It is quite a big holiday here. It is a 3 day holiday and lasted from Saturday to Monday. It was fun to be with members and we were able to meet a few less actives that we had never met before and invited them back to church.

On Monday we went to Tague and on the way back we had an interesting experience. We took the train back to our area and as we were getting off we noticed white guy getting off at the same stop. it was fairly odd because the area we are in is pretty countryside and there aren't a lot of foreigners. We started chatting and found out that he was a German foreign exchange student living in Seoul. He and his Korean friend had taken the wrong train and got off at the first place they could, bought a ticket to go back and had an hour and a half delay in our little city. Previous to this we had planned on spending some time with a less active woman. She told us that she could take us to see the World class soccer stadium. The only problem was that because there was no one else we were not able to drive with her alone. We explained the situation early but she insisted on meeting us at the train station. Our new friends quickly fell into our plans and we were definitely blessed for following the rules. The 5 of us then crammed into her car and we went to the stadium. It was perfect for everyone. The German was 24 and had met the missionaries before. We chatted quite a bit about Korea and our church. He was Catholic and knew a bit about our church already. He was really fun to talk and we cleared up a few important misunderstandings about our church. We also talked to his Korean friend a bit and exchanged numbers as we left. It was a really neat experience. Missionary work is amazing.

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