The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

knocking knocking knocking

Just so you all know this next coming week is the Korean version on Thanksgiving. It's pretty huge. We had a good week. We haven't had much success as for investigators but we were able to have some really good less-active meetings. Two specifically.
The first was on Saturday. We were walking around talking to people and a lady walked straight at us and began talking and didn't stop for about 30 minutes. Turns out she was baptized when she was a young adult but hasn't been to church for 20 years. She didn't know where the newer church in the area was so we walked her over to the building where we were headed anyway (to help clean) and we toured it with her. It was really cool, she was one of those people that can talk endlessly. We got her information because we had absolutely no record of her living in the area. Hopefully we can meet more often with her.
The other one was just yesterday. We had decided on an apartment complex to visit but we didn't know which one. I felt like 109 or 104. We were closer to 104 so we knocked on that but nothing. We then had to decide where to go again. We said little prayers and I went through and numbered all the apartments in my head. 109 stuck out again so we went and did that. Nothing. We were on the bottom floor of the last line (6 story apartments) and were were headed out when the second to last door we knocked on opened well after we had knocked on it. A lady opened the door and I went back to the door and explained who we were. She quickly informed us that she already believes us and invited us in. We had a really good chat with her about our church and invited her back. We got her information (once again we have zero records of her) and were able to leave her with a spiritual message and a prayer. It was amazing to see that we were able to be led to her. We will try to meet her with a member of the relief society later. She seemed like she would be willing to come back. The message we are sharing is true. That is what I know and I'm just trying to share it. This opportunity is amazing. Thanks for the love.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Visitors at the door

Another week in Korea. Right know I am e-mailing from the middle of a Korean war battle ship. Cool huh? Only Korea would have a couple of rooms for computers in a battle ship museum. Anyway. This week was good. I had quite the interesting experience a couple of days ago. We had stayed in a little past 10:30 AM because we were making some things for some members when we got a ring at the door. I went and opened it and there were 2 Korean college age girls standing there. The quickly started talking to each other about how they don't know how to speak English when one of them got enough courage to say "God's Church" I didn't recognize the name until I translated it back into Korean to "하나님의 교회." In Korea if there was one church that we butt heads with most it would be 하나님의 교회. Mostly because they we are linked to them in many people's minds and they are pretty crazy so we try to push away from them. I quickly introduced that we were missionaries as well and introduced our church a little. When they found out I could speak Korean they just went off.

First was Heavenly Mother. They believe that she is currently living is Seoul right now. A little strange. I started questioning that and and asked what will happen when she dies. They replied back with a prompt, "She wont die." Guess that solves that problem. I then asked what they believe about Jesus Christ and if he was the son of God. They said yes to which I then asked if he was the son of Heavenly Mother. They then turned back and said that he was only just a man and that he was in a kind of substitute for God. Ha. It was really nice because I had all of my English and Korean supplies at the house for a friendly chat. My companion wouldn't come over because he knew it would just turn into an argument but because I'm an American and can't understand absolutely everything it couldn't get too heated. I then began to talk about Prophets and turned to some scriptures which they also had well marked. They also believed in prophets but they also said they were in fact prophets. I didn't think I had caught what they said right so I cleared is up with "Your a prophet like Moses?" "Yes" was the reply.

They talked about the Sabbath and how we should be worshiping on Saturday and not Sunday but unfortunately I only had a few things I could say about that but I made sure to study up on that for later reference. We kept going back and forth and eventually I introduced the Book of Mormon and explained what it was and why we need it. I talked about that for a while and testified about how I read it and got and answer for myself. They then said, "That answer was from Satan." That was kind of a rude turning point when I kind of just stopped talking and just kept explaining our church. They eventually walked away themselves. I wasn't going to be the one to tell them to leave. It was fun and really good Korean practice. Anyway, I'm going to go explore more of this ship. Thanks for the support and love.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Faith and Pictures

So..... the family is gone hunting and they expect me to write an email. humph. I guess I shall. This week was a good one like the rest. We were able to teach Ferenando again and talked a lot about faith in Christ and the faith that through Him, he can actually repent and get over his habits. He has always been very religious but it surprised me when he couldn't answer yes to the question, "Do you believe that Jesus Christ can help you through your trials?" It is actually a fairly difficult question if thought about deeply. It is much different to ask, "Can you give up smoking and drinking" than "Can you give up smoking and drinking with the help of Christ." Anyway, we talked a lot about that and repentance with him. On Saturday we were able to be a part of a stake mini MTC (Mission Training Center) for the youth at a different ward. It was really good, especially the 2 hours of real on-the-street time. That's when the youth realized how hard it is to be rejected over and over and over again but most everyone saw at least one person who showed enough interest to teach a little and whatnot. It was good.

So in Korea we carry around a picture book wherever we go. Koreans like it and it is great to build the relationship a little. I think it is funny because nearly every Korean has the same reaction to every picture. On the cover I have a picture of me when I was 8 with my dad in front of the church going to get baptized. SO many Koreans have asked if my dad was a movie star. Ha. Everyone gapes in awe at my gigantic family of only sisters and adore all of the little white kids. No one knows who marry Poppins is. Sorry. Everyone here likes fishing so Alaska is usually good as well as the bears that are 50 feet away from us fishing. The older ladies can spend a while looking and Rachael and Franny's kids. They have never seen anything so big and cute. Anyway, just thought it would be interesting to know what Koreans think of my family. That's all for this week. I lost my adaptor so no pictures this week. Sorry. FYI the silver suit is being sent home for future use.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Silver is the color to wear

My companion and I bought silver suits on sale. Very Korean.

This coming week is transfer calls! Crazy. I'll most likely stay here but you never know. I'm betting on us both staying together actually, which if together for 2 transfers, this will the first time that has happened. Last P-day I went out and got a hair cut by a Korean. That was a mistake. Usually I do it myself with whatever is in the house but nothing was there so I just gave in a did it. I told her good luck and to do it as American as possible. I should have brought a picture or something. It ended up extremely wide on top and tapered down to the ears. Very Korean style. I handled it for about 10 minutes and then went to our local store and bought hair thinners. I finished the job although not too perfectly. It will grow out. Ha. The life of a missionary.

This week we were not able to meed Franando because he had a friend leaving that he said good bye to. I have been staying in contact with him and he has done well but is having a problem with social pressure. Society vs. God. It seems like an easy choice but as we all know things are quite a bit more difficult than that. He needs a testimony of the healing power of Christ first. It is so much harder to change your life on your own. We also had a girl show up to church and we set up an appointment to teach her next week with a member. She came with a friend. So much more effective then us going out and finding. Anyway, it was a good week. We worked a lot and still many things fell through. We did the choir concert on Saturday at a different ward. It was successful and well done. I love being a missionary. I love the work. Elder Anderson