The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Concert, visiting and wishlist

It is cold but starting to warm up here. It is around 0 degrees C, so not insane. I like the cold especially when I think about summer. This week was a good one. We got the opportunity to go to a Korean concert at the university with a part member family which was amazing. It really made me realize that I am not anywhere close to America. Very Asian. I actually think that their concerts are more entertaining than ones in America. They almost always have music and dance or singing. They wouldn't let us take pictures which was a disappointment but still it was really fun.
There was an old Man that was dancing and yelling nearly the whole time they had the drums and dancing going on. Luckily they had guard rails that he couldn't figure out how to get over so he stayed in the audience.

This week we spent quite a lot of time with an amazing member that brought us around to some less actives that she wanted to visit. We have gone around with her on the bus with her and it is always an amazing experience. She is such a wonderful member.

This week we had Zone conference. It always gives us a big spiritual boost for the transfer. I have so much respect for President Jennings. Missionary work is amazing. I love my area and the members here. Things I would enjoy: New journal, taco seasoning smashed up Doritos (to take up less space maybe just smash them up into little crumbs and zip lock that and send it. If it is too hard then don't.)

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