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Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me! As you may know, Koreans don't really consider birthdays important. I think one reason is because of the lunar calender. Every year they have to figure out what day their birthday is on! Way too much of a headache. The day before my birthday we had Stake Conference and after, a few members threw me a little surprise birthday party at their house. It was really nice of them. On my actual birthday we had lunch with a few other members including Jeff Wansguard who used to be a missionary here and now is teaching English. We lived in the same house early in my mission so we we meet up every once in a while now.

This week we saw quite a few miracles including meeting 3 people randomly on the street that we talked to a while ago and were able to talk again and plan on meeting with them. We also had a strange experience with a certain less active. Actually it wasn't him in the slightest but it was what happened twice while trying to contact and meet with him. Once we went over to where we thought his house was. We didn't know the exact location and I had only been there once so we just started knocking doors in the same small apartment complex. The one door that answered happened to be the home of these 2 kids that we saw on the street and said "hi" to. They were so excited to see us there. We chatted a little and found out what we needed to know and left them, planning on going back the next day to bring them bread that we made. When we came back the kids were even more thrilled to see us. There was an 8 and a 10 year old boy as well as an 11 year old girl. We sat in the stairwell for probably a half hour while I played with the kids a few steps down and my companion taught the mother the first lesson. It worked out really well. We are not sure how interested they are but she said we could come back later but didn't know her time schedule so we will make something again and bring it over soon. That was number one.

Number two was when we were attempting to text him and meet. He said he could, but right before the appointment we realized that we had been texting the wrong person who's name was similar to the less active that we were looking for. We couldn't remember who this person was but they wanted to meet so we met. It turned out to be a contact that we got about a week ago that we had completely forgot about. Luckily the Lord didn't forget about him. We have met him once since then and is a really nice 19 year old kid. He comes from a broken family which is fairly rare in Korea and just needs some direction in his life. That is definitely what we are here for.

It was really neat to see these miracles and a few others that I don't have time to mention. Missionary work is amazing. Life is full of miracles but sometimes we just don't recognize them as that. We are so blessed. Korea is AMAZING! Just look at my pictures! They are of a temple that we went to last P-day. I was told that this Buddha is the biggest in south Korea. If so then I have now been to the biggest and the highest. I can't even tell you how much I love this place. Wow. I hope all is well at home. Love you all!

Elder Anderson

the cake was good but a bit rich for what we are used to.

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Helena said...

I think a lot of people do celebrate their birthdays by the solar calendar. Or both.