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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me on the 22nd

Hello! Just so everyone knows, this week is my birthday. I am totally OK with getting a letter 2 weeks late by the way. So, if you have been wondering when to write me now is your chance! Wow, what opportunity you have, to fill the mailbox of a missionary on the other side of the world. Don't miss your chance!

So the weather is getting warmer which is amazing except for that after warm comes hot. Right now though its pretty nice. I actually decided I like all kinds of weather as long as it is not too extreme. I found myself leaving the house everyday telling my companion that the weather that day was my favorite and that I wish it could be like that every day. I think I really may like winter a little better than summer though.

This week we saw some pretty amazing things including 23 people at church! It may not sound like much but it was above our transfer goal so it was exciting. 4 less-actives came and 2 investigators so we were pretty happy. I actually only saw them at the end because I went to our neighboring area with a member to support their branch of 3 families. They had a bunch of people recently move so it has been pretty rough for them. We were able to meet 3 of the less-actives two days ago and talked about missionary work with them. 2 of them are serving in the military and debating on serving a mission after but they still don't know. We talked over lunch about the mission and the infinite amount of blessing that we get. Missionary work really is amazing.

I am so blessed. It is amazing to be able to serve among the Korean people. Sometimes I get down because of the language but then I just look at the other foreigners trying to learn this language and realize how insanely blessed I am to be able to speak how much I do with only a year and a half study! That is only one of the many blessings we receive. We can never get ahead of the blessings, Heavenly Father is always so willing and we really never deserve it all. I love the work and all that we are able to do. Elder A

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