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Friday, March 12, 2010

Missionary shoes

This week was a good one. We are still trying to figure out what to do with the neighboring area with no missionaries but its being figured out. There was somewhat of a dilemma when we couldn't find anyone to go to Youngchun with us. No missionaries could afford the time so I went back to the members. Unfortunately no one could so I had to make a decision between our ward or theirs for sacrament meeting. I called the investigators in the other area and none said they could come to church so we decided on our area.

It turned out to be the right decision as we had 2 girls we invited to church come off the streets. The ward was so nice to them and they said they would come back but because of school will only be able to come to sacrament meeting, they can meet us later on Sunday nights. We were really excited for them. The Relief Society taught a really good message on the spirit. It was great to be talking about it and then have that confirmation. This church is so amazing and can bless the lives of everyone. In the future the Stake President will be sending someone to help us out so that we can attend both wards. Poor Youngchun. I have been in contact with their branch president through this and when I called him Sunday night he said no one besides his family of 3 made it to church this week.

I was just given squid jerky by the owner of the barber shop we are in. Its pretty chewy but I like it. Now I'm just trying to soften it by sucking on it, but it's not working. Chew chew chew. We met a few more potential investigators. Wow, if we wanted to we could be so busy just teaching English. The Koreans are so thirsty for it. Life is good over here. Hope it is for you as well. Going to Costco today, I'm pretty excited. REAL CHEESE! I actually have discovered that I really like Korean food and I am quite worried that I wont be able to find what I want in America but Asian markets should have everything from what I hear. Red pepper paste is something I don't remember seeing over there but they uses is in EVERYTHING. Everything is spicy, so good.
Elder Anderson Pictures:

Missionary shoes, and 5 1/2 months left to go. My Heal hurts when I wear these so I quit wearing them

this is how we get around


Lauren said...

Wow! Look at those shoes! I have the BEST brother!

Helena said...

Ah, Youngchun! I recently was seized with a desire to talk to a sister I'd lived with who was from there (안상희), so I looked up the branch. It didn't look like there was an actual functioning branch anymore, so I called the mission office to ask about that. They gave me Elder Singleton's number, sine he just transferred out of there. So I called him (that was fun) and he gave me the Youngchun branch president's number. So then I called him (nice guy), and he told me that Sister Ahn is living in Pohang now. He did have a phone number, but I haven't gotten any answer so I don't know if it's right. The whole thing was very exciting, though. I've been getting lots of Korean practice lately.