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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another week of miracles

Wow! Another day full of miracles.We had president interviews yesterday which are always fun. It is weird to think that I only have a few interviews left. Anyway, this week we met this really prepared girl. We contacted her a couple of months ago but she was really busy so we couldn't meet. This week we decided to go through all our old investigators and recontact them. Through that we got appointments with 3 people this week! including this girl. She actually went to high school and college in the US so is a fluent English speaker. She went to a catholic school in Washington for HS and then ended up at Boise State University. Naturally she has been around a lot of Mormons but still had a lot of crazy questions. She is really interested in religion and has some questions that she couldn't find the answer to in the US. We met her 2 days ago and answered some of the crazy questions. We also introduced the lessons to her and she agreed to listen to us and learn what we are really about. Everything in her life seems to be building up to answers. We are really excited for her.We also started meeting with this Chinese gal who is here for college. It is pretty weird for us to only be able to communicate through our second languages.We have a few other potentials. The area is really looking up.

Unfortunately it is likely that I am leaving soon. Last week we went to a museum about a man who assassinated a Japanese official. It was really interesting. They consider him a national hero. He died exactly 100 years ago. Missionary life is good. Hope all is well at home. That is way exciting about Lauren's mission call. Thanks for the shoes and package. I gave the jerky to my companion who has now been in country a year but we got my package today. Poor-boy.Thanks!Elder Anderson

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