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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The last MTC letter/ MTC Choir at the Priesthood Session of General Conference

October 7, 2008 the last letter/ MTC Choir experience the Priesthood session of Conference

This week has been quite the exciting week but I only have 30 minutes to write about it so I will try to be quick.This last week we got our flight plans!!! It was quite the exciting day for our zone. We fly Delta the whole time and fly from Salt Lake to LA to Seoul to Pusan. Getting those flight plans was so exciting. We are actually going to do this thing and go to Korea. We have been here since July and I think we are all about ready to leave the MTC. This week I also had the amazing opportunity to sing in the MTC choir at the priesthood session of general conference. Some people have asked as to how they selected so I will tell you: pretty much random. I was sooo lucky and grateful to get in but it was not like I was a better singer than those who did not get in. There were a whole ton of people wanting to get in so they had us all fill out a paper slip with what kind of choir experience we had (I had none). If you had any choir experience you pretty much got in but for people like me it was random. So that is how we got into this choir. It was such an amazing experience that I will definitely never forget.

There were 364 members and they had to take 7 charter busses to get us all up there. We right before the Saturday afternoon session but we got to listen to half of it on the way up. When we got there they ushered us into a random stage with seating that we could practice in. There was so much anticipation it was crazy. We practiced there for a while, got to eat a little lunchable, and then went into the actual conference seating. I never realized as to how huge that place was! I was sitting pretty far left facing the audience. I literally could not look at all the seating at once, even with my peripheral vision. Not to mention all the people that were going to be watching it on TV. Singing there was just so amazing and spiritual. We were sitting within an extremely short distance of all of the church leaders. It was pretty fun to point out the back of general authorities heads. Ha-ha. I felt that the singing went amazing. Any problems that we had previously dealt with didn't show up and I could just feel the spirit so strong. In my personal opinion I think that singing is the fastest and one of the strongest ways to feel the spirit. There is so much power in the songs that are sung every week. After we were done and conference was over many of the general authorities waved at us and complemented us. President Thomas S. Monson turned around, waved, and gave us a thumbs us. We all kind of chuckled. Everything that day was just so amazing. We ended by getting back at 9:45PM and went to bed. I am so grateful that I had that opportunity to sing in the conference center. Sorry I did not really tell anyone about me going. With only 30 minutes you forget some things. Thanks for the support. Pray for me if you will, I'm going to need it this up coming week.Elder Anderson

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