The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Korea will never be the same

Caleb called from the Seoul Airport. Everyone with calling cards were trying to use them. I called my calling card company and they gave me some extra access numbers for different kinds of phones in Korea. I gave Caleb a detailed sheet on how to use it and it worked. Most missionaries didn't sleep on the plane, they arrived at 7PM Korea time or 4AM our time. On the airplane they couldn't listen to music as they are not allowed ear phones, they must have speakers. Earplugs aren't even allowed. They had screens on the chairs in front of them and the missionaries found a chess game they could play with each other on the screens. It was a 13 hour flight. They thought it was cool to fly over Alaska with the high mountains and the Bering Strait, across Russia and down to Korea. Caleb said it is Surreal. They will arrive in Busan in time for bed and will sleep well I am sure.

My dad said 55 years ago today he started his mission to the USA Great Lakes Mission and that experience changed his life.

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B said...

Caleb called me this morning too! He said, you're dead asleep, and I was like, no no, I'm awake!
I can't believe he is in Korea...