The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pusan! We are the new missionaries in the area- expect a call

I made it to Pusan. Wow. Needless to say this has all been quite the shock. There is so much to tell you all but i just don't have all day. So i will try to share as much as possible. First of all my P days are on Monday. Not quite sure when that actually is for you but oh well. The Plane ride over was long and tedious. I got to have some Korean airplane food though. ha ha. I was praying it would get better when i actually got to Korea. Luckily it has. We finally got to the mission home and asleep around 11 local time. And then got right back up at 5! but we did it for a good cause. We went to a 먹여탕! it's basically a bath house. ha ha. I loved it. It was so so relaxing and they had all sorts of different little pools you could go to and just relax. After that we met up with the soon-to-be trainers and went out to 즌더(proselyte). It was great even though I had no idea what was going on. Wow, we just ran and talked, ran and talked. My trainer is Elder Snider. He is pretty funny and a great missionary, I'm glad I got him but all the trainers that were there looked like they would be great. I really lucked out. From what i hear from everyone this area that i am in has the best ward, the best housing, and is pretty much just the best. It's all really nice. I was pretty excited to go out and really get started on this missionary work. Most of our work is done with knocking doors. That is we found my first investigator! She was great and let us in immediately. Apparently she had been to church in America before and spoke great English. However, she was very stuck on the members not being perfect. We talked to her for hours about how people are not perfect. She even openly admitted that she knew the book of Mormon was true but she still would not come to church. We tried and tried but she just wouldn't see. It was really tough and heartbreaking but we had to drop her. We really did try everything and we answered every one of her questions and she new it but she just would not take that faith and turn it into action. That's OK. Hopefully we are just a stepping stone for her and that she will eventually see. Sorry if that was confusing but i couldn't go to deep into it because of the lack of time. I hope everything is going well at home. The mission is going good and I love the work. I love you all. Elder Anderson Mission address:Dongrae Post Office P.O. Box 73, Busan 607-600부산굉역시 동래우체국 사서함 73호 607-600 Korea

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