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Monday, October 13, 2008

Janae's post: Caleb called from the airport on his way to Korea!!!!

(SLC Airport: Caleb is treated to a burger by Elder Singleton's dad, The Elders in the airport)

Caleb was allowed to have a calling card and call from the airport. Caleb is the trip coordinator for his group of 13 going to Busan Korea. There are about 40 all together going to Korea. A trip coordinator has his name on the top of the list of missionaries... usually starting with an "A." Very distinguished. We are so proud of him.

He wanted to hear all about Paul's funeral and I had just written up my recollections so it was fresh in my mind. Many tender mercies involved with Paul. He also had recollections of Phil Shumway who passed away this week. Before Caleb's mission, Phil called Caleb to come over and gave him a picture of a work horse pulling an extremely hard load and told him, this is how hard I want you to work on your mission.

I read a Pusan Korea missionary's letter his mom sent to me saying he will be one of the trainers. He said his new missionary will be conducting sacrament meeting and giving a 15 minute talk. While we were on the phone Caleb put out the warning to his group. Hopefully they will all prepare a talk on the airplane! Caleb said they all ready have a talk they have given so hopefully they are ready.

I saw Sister Kyoung Suk Lee from Inchong Korea, she used to be in our ward until boundaries split. She is in the USA until February, with her children, studying English. She said she saw Caleb at the MTC and spoke to him in the hall. "Very good pronunciation" she said to me. I got out of that, he can repeat the language. She said he has President Monson's nose. He could be President Monson Jr. she said!

Korean humor: Sitting at the dinner table someone may say "the food is so good if someone next to me died, I wouldn't even notice"


B said...

I loved talking to Caleb!
I'm sad to hear about Phil Shumway though, I went over with Caleb to their house to get that picture, and him and his wife were the sweetest people.
Caleb is doing so well :)

Lauren said...

We are so excited to see his flying to Korea!