The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Sunday, July 4, 2010

off to my 7th area and 15th Companion

Hello! This week we had quite the surprise. We got 2 transfer calls and our area will be replaced with Sisters next transfer. I will be going to 안동(aun-dong) to serve my last transfer. Elder Kim is off to 경주. I was only able to serve in 구미(gu-mi) for one transfer but life changes. That is something that I have come to love. Change. 안동 is the furthest area north in our mission and covers an enormous land mass. It is a small branch of about 15 people. My next and last companion will be a Korean, Elder 진(Gean), I am excited. I will still be in the same district so I will be able to help the sisters if they need. It was quite the surprise for us and the ward but I think that the sisters coming here will have a lot of things they can do that we could not. It will be good. We both gave our little talk in church that we give if we come or go. It was sad to leave. I really tried to get to know the ward quick because I knew I did not have much time but this was even less than i expected. Elder 진 will be my 15th companion and I will go to my 7th area. This week was pretty good. We had some good appointments with a lot of people. We had 2 investigators come to church and both should be baptized within a month or two. I was a good full week. I cant believe that I only have a transfer left. I guess you just have to follow Brigham Young's teachings, "Work hard or go to Hell" Simple right? :) Love you all!

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