The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Monday, July 12, 2010

Just a few more weeks in Korea

Hello family! I am now settled into my new area. It has been a little strange. We actually had to go back to my old area on Saturday to help out with the mini MTC that we planned but everyone that planned it wasn't going to be there on that day so they asked me to go back. Saying bye wasn't too hard as I was there only one transfer.

 I had a really good last talk with an ex-preacher who likes talking with us. Naturally he knows more than us pertaining  the Bible but it was really amazing how much I know and have known since I was 5 that astonishes even the greatest of scholars. He likes to talk about salvation with me and I was able to have a good 30 minute one- on- one talk with him while elder Kim was helping out the family. We sat on the couch and talked about salvation. We didn't use many scriptures as we both know what they say but we talked like I have always wanted to talk to a preacher.

He loved me and wanted to adopt me so he was willing to truly listen to what I had to say and I had a lot of respect for him and his family so I felt like I was also willing to actually have a talk with him. Too often we get into conversations with other churches and there is no level of trust or respect and that can quickly turn into an argument. Nearly his first question was, "Have you received salvation?" I didn't answer immediately as I have never really thought about salvation like a thing you can receive here on this Earth. I explained that only after judgement can we truly receive salvation. He told me that he has received salvation for sins that he has committed and ever will committed. That was quite the claim so we chatted more about works and grace. I didn't have to point out any scriptures for him to know exactly where they were but his claim with that was that if we have received salvation we will naturally do good works. I then asked him a question that popped into my mind. "So what if a preacher like yourself went out and killed his wife?" His eyes went wide and he asked "Did you see the news yesterday? That happened!" I then went on amazed where the conversation was going and asked if that preacher who no doubt believed in Jesus will receive salvation. He leaned back, shook his head, and said, "I don't think so."

I was then really able to talk about acts and that if he does not receive salvation it will be because of his acts. I was able to be fairly blunt with him because of our relationship and the fact that my Korean isn't that great so I can't smoothly get around things. I explained that Satan also believes in Jesus but it is because of his actions that he cannot receive salvation. He nodded his head and mumbled "Satan believes in Jesus..." It was a pretty fun lesson. Unfortunately his still is stuck on his old church and doesn't want to change. I think he now has an answer to some of his questions. I really felt like I was being led by the spirit to answer his questions so I believe that God still wants him to find the fullness of truth. Missionary work is amazing. I am so glad that I have been given this opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. An-dong is amazing and I am really excited to serve here with elder 진(Gien). The church is true.

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Elder Anderson

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