The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jehovah Witnesses

This last week was good as they usually are. Unfortunately our best two investigators have been having some health problems which has prevented them from meeting with us this whole week. We were however able to meet with some other investigators that have not been able to meet for a while due to school. It is now school vacation so it will be easier to meet with students. The problem is that when it comes to Korean High School they don't really have school vacations. It is just not all day like usual. I can't believe how much they study. It is an insane competition to enter Collage and so they have to take school seriously very early.

We were also able to have some really good lessons with less actives including two that ended up coming to church this week after along time of absence. One of them has been meeting with Jehovah's Witnesses every week. We actually have had some interesting experiences with Jehovah's Witnesses this week including meeting them with this investigator and getting invited to their church or "Kingdom Hall" for a tour and a religious chat. It was a very educational experience and once again solidified my belief that this is Christ"s living church. I especially love that we don't have to guess or rely on the words of ordinary men. We have the words of prophets, new and old, that clear up and testify of doctrine. When we met with our less-active man, he prayed at the end and truly asked which church he should be going to. The spirit testified to all of us there that this is the true church. Missionary work is amazing.  Elder Anderson

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