The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baptism of Roshan

Elder McKenna, Roshan and Elder Anderson

Elder Anderson and Elder E. Tay Hee (Elder Lee) (current companion)

Highlight of the week: Roshan's Baptism! It was on Saturday and was my team's first baptism since the start (about 6 months ago) It was really exciting. It was a humble gathering of 6 missionaries along with the bishop and ward mission leader. It was really good though. We did it all in English. Elder McKenna was able to baptize him. Roshan talks a lot about God's plan for him and how he has no idea how he really came to Korea but that it was God's plan for him. So much faith.

The rest of the week was good. We have been doing a lot of member work because we are both so new in the ward now. We were going around and visiting people one time this week and we were trying to cross a 5 lane highway. There was a light so it was fine but the problem was that there was a drunk man staggering his way to the middle of the road yelling at cars as they went by and around him. He was backing up a lot of traffic and causing quite the problem so Elder 이 went ahead and called the police. We were just going to walk away but he thought the police would get there in under 2 minutes and frankly I didn't have that kind of trust in the Korean police force. They'd be at lest 10 minutes in the US. He proved me wrong, about 30 seconds later there was a police car with it's lights on. They popped out of the car and semi-aggressively put him into the car. That's us doing our part in the community.

Here is something interesting for all readers. Pretty much every Korean knows who MacGuyver is. Turns out that the thing that we call a Swiss army knife to them is a MacGuyver knife. Well it's more like "Mik-gai-bu" in Korean. Fun stuff. Korean is really fun. It was nice to see McKenna again for the baptism. Thanks for the support.
From Elder Josh Bocchino's blog about the baptism: Saturday, we went up to Taegu (I'd never been there before). It's a HUGE city up north of Pusan, and is a major concentration point for the US military presence in Korea. My companion needed to go up to baptize a man he was meeting with before he transfered down to me. The man is named Roshan and is from Sri Lanka. He is sooooooooooo cool! He's maybe 30s or 40, and had to leave Sri Lanka due to the ethnic war that has been raging for years. His religious background is Roman Catholic. He used to be in the Sri Lankan military. He has so much faith and is thankful that the Lord led him to Korea to meet with us. He's so thankful to have found the Lord's Church. My testimony was definitely strengthened from meeting with him. It was a very humble but very spiritual baptismal service. Man, it pretty much made my week. Elder B

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