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Sunday, April 5, 2009

A great week in Teagu

First of all I left my camera at the house because it is charging so no pictures this week, sorry. This week has been amazing. I really like Elder Mckenna. He is only 2 transfers older than me, he is still pretty good at the language and good at working. We get by most of the time. We are having a blast and working hard. We have done a lot of street contacting and are having a lot of success. The Lord blesses if you do your best. A couple of days ago we got 8 contacts, more than any other day on either of our missions. Not that stats matter, it's about how people progress.

We have one progressing investigator who got a baptismal date about a week before I came. He is incredibly prepared. He is from Sri Lanka and speaks very little Korean so we teach him in English. I Haven't done that since the MTC (Mission Training Center in Provo Utah). He has an amazing amount of faith and knows that God put him on this path for a purpose. He loves the Bible and I'm about 50 pages from finishing the whole things so it's fun to talk to him about that. Other than him we have one semi-progressing investigator. It's going to go really slow with him but everyone is different and that's OK.

Right now the weather is amazingly perfect. I'm enjoying it because from what I have heard this area is the hottest in Korea in the summers. Wahoo! Its going to be fun.

We are going to watch LDS General Conference this next weekend on the regular schedule because of translation time. I'm really really excited. Conference is amazing, hope you all enjoyed it! Life is good, language is still hard but coming, the Lord is really blessing us. We need it. ha. Thank you for all your prayers and support.

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