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Monday, April 20, 2009

Don't worry mom, life is good

It's really nice to have a Korean companion. Its pretty fun. I definitely wouldn't call him a hard companion by any means. I've been really blessed. Life is still going good, 이태희 is really fun. We both are teaching each other a lot with our languages. He only has 2 transfers after this so he is pretty good but not near to fluent in English so we struggle together.

(picture: Caleb with Elder McKenna)

I don't know if I told you this but I broke my glasses last transfer. Luckily it's way cheap to get new frames. I went to a store and they popped out my lenses had me choose new frames and put them in. All for under About $6. I was pretty excited and I like them. The BYU wind symphony is coming to Korea soon and so there are posters all over the churches. I was looking at one and I noticed Hanna Bates was on the picture! Ha, we wont be able to see them unless the whole ward goes together and we bring an investigator but that's OK. Is there anyone else I know in the group coming? The director does the tours to Europe (Don Peterson) so I know him as well. This week has involved a lot of Sri Lankans.

We meet with Roshan again and he will be getting baptized next week. We also set up an appointment to meet with him and some other Sri Lankans that other missionaries are teaching. That same day we were walking around and I saw an Indian-looking person so I went up and started talking. Sure enough he's from Sri Lanka as well! He even knows Roshan. He said he would be willing to meet us with Roshan. Roshan has a lot of respect in the small foreign community because of the type of person he is. Maybe that may be able to open some doors.

Yesterday we also had president interviews. I really like President Jennings. We talked a lot about my companion and the language. He always has amazing things to say. He is such an awesome person. Well, that's about it from me for this week. Hope everything is still going good. Thanks for the support. Love you all. Elder Anderson

pictures: 1)Elders Anderson, Clarke and Singleton (MTC comp)

2)Elders Robb, Anderson, Clarke

3)Elders Bocchino, Anderson, Clarke, ?

4) Our Orem Utah Korean Friend Julia and son Jaemin and husband make a special trip from Seoul to visit Caleb in Busan in February

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