The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Monday, April 13, 2009

6th companion- E. Tay Hee (Elder Lee)

So..... for the second time we received a random call from presidentJennings and for the second time a drastic change occurred quickly. We had a mid-transfer split with another team. I am now with a Korean companion named 이태히 (Ee Tae He). The call came on Saturday and I am now with my new companion. It's going to be good I think. Forever more Elder McKenna will by my 2 week companion. My new companion is an older Korean. I think its going to be a good rest of the transfer. It was sad to see Elder McKenna leave, we got along really well but this is the plan for me. This means that in 5 transfers I have had 6 companions and I was with 1 for 2. Ha. I am definitely going to learn a lot. Roshan is doing well. We had general conference this last weekend and he was able to come to one of the sessions. He is so strong and has so much faith. He firmly believes that it is God's plan that he is here meeting us in the random country of Korea. Wow. Because we have been in a kind-of rush these last couple of days this letter is going to be short. Hopefully I have more time next week to read all your emails and what not. Thanks for the support. Elder Anderson

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