The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Me translate?

This week was full of big meetings. On Tuesday we had zone conference where we had some physical and mental health people come in and talk to us. Making sure we are all OK. The other thing was Stake Conference. We recently had our stake president go to the second quorum of the seventy so this was kind of an emergency stake conference. It was really good although i didn't quite understand most of it. President and sister Jennings talked along with Elder Evens, the area authority President. He was really good and talked a lot about less active work. Members are much more effective at that than we are so we appreciated it. It is something that President Monson has stressed recently. Roshan was able to make it to the last bit of it and then he went to visit some other Sri Lankans that are investigating the church. He is amazing. I had a strange experience with him.

We were talking and a Korean came up and started asking him some simple questions. Roshan doesn't know Korean so the Korean just kind of stared at me to translate. I have never really had that happen, usually they look to someone else but no one was there. Luckily it was pretty simple but I understood everything he said and could translate back what Roshan was saying. It was a pretty fun thing for me. Simple but fun. I've been learning a lot from Elder 이. We are doing well. Thanks for the support and prayers. Love you all. Elder Anderson

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