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Monday, May 11, 2009

May 10, 2009

Stake Races: Caleb (Elder Anderson) is running in the red shorts and blue shirt.

random missionaries. Caleb is behind the guy with the guitar.

This week was a rather good week. It was the final week of the transfer and yes, I am with 이태희 again. By the way, if any one's computers can't read the Korean properly you should be able to download a program that allows you to do so. I guess that's also if you have the desire to read the Korean or if the question marks and money signs you may get instead make more sense, good for you.

We were able to go this week with our stake to the sports day. All the missionaries went and it was a big gathering for everyone. It was really fun. Most of the time was spent either eating or running relays. I guess they really like that. We also got a few Koreans together to play American Football. It's starting to warm up but it hasn't hit the real heat from what I have heard. The real heat comes with the storms and humidity. That should be fun. We started going on semi regular splits with one of the young men. He is really shy and just needs something to get him interested in the church. Elder 이 said that he has done this same thing before with a lot of success so we will hopefully be able to help him. I am really excited about this next transfer. Kind of scary though because there is a possibility that I go senior next transfer. Pray for me :)

Korea is amazing, I love it here.Love,Elder Anderson (if you send me anything make sure to write "Elder Caleb Anderson, there are a few Andersons in the mission)

from mom: We spoke to Caleb on Mothers day for about 2 hours. He is allowed two phone calls a year. Our next call is on Christmas. Caleb is well, positive, upbeat and his usual cheerful self. I asked him what he does when he gets homesick and he said he doesn't get home sick (stab?) He loves letters and packages. He said he gets the more packages than his companions. I reminded him that when he was 5 and I was packaging up some candy( Jelly bellies and other really cools stuff) to send to my sister Christina on her mission to Guatemala, I promised to send him a package a month when he went and it was then and there he determined to be sure to go on a mission.

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