The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Sunday, March 1, 2009

grandmas, unusual map and Go her!

This week was a good week. Our ward is going good. We are working with a few part member families still. Hopefully we can get them together. Lately we have been getting sick of English class being our only service we are doing so we dropped a class and decided to try something new. I saw a building a few weeks ago with "social welfare" in English written on it and so we decided to take a shot in the dark and check it out. It ended up being pretty fun. They were more than willing to accept our service. We basically went around and visited room to room these old grandmas. It was a blast. They were all really cool. It was basically just a regular old folks home in America but they spoke Korean! It was really good Korean language practice as well.

Koreans are seeming more and more the normal. For a while it has been like, "WOW! there is a white person!" Then we would usually make fun of them until we realized that we were white as well. Ha ha.

Different story. A couple days ago we were trying to find a member's house and we couldn't figure out where we were headed. We knew the address but we couldn't find the place. We were all confused when I saw this little pizza shop with a huge map. We went in and they said we could use it but we still were confused. The owner then slit out pizza box and drew and nice big map for us. It was pretty funny to be going around trying to figure the roads out with this huge piece of cardboard.

Last story. We were sitting on a bench preparing to go and pass some stuff out and this old lady comes up to me and starts yelling, "Believe in Jesus" Over and over again in Korean about 6 inches away from my nose. It was pretty funny but I refrained from laughing and just stared back at her and kept say "yes" or "OK." It was so random but the lady really wanted me to believe in Jesus I guess. Go her!! Anyway, I love the work, I love Korea. Thanks for the prayers and and support. Love you all. Elder Anderson

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