The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Sunday, February 22, 2009

1st week of the transfer- all is well

The first week of the transfer went well. I'm really excited for our ward. We have 4 part-member families that we and the sister missionaries are really working with. Elder Rob has been really good. He is willing to help me out with the language whenever I need it. That happens to be often. He knows much about the language so I am going to try to learn from him. We have many goals this transfer and we're both excited.
This week we went and visited Elder Rob's convert from this area. He is a really solid guy. He is the only member in his family, we want to talk to his wife. She actually comes to church fairly often and he really wants her baptized. I love new members. This week we have been working with the sister missionaries. We talk to them about the ward and are trying to help them out.

Our investigator, "Luffy" as he likes to be called, is leaving for Busan University soon. We will hopefully be able to refer him to the missionaries in the area. He should be moving either this week or next. It will be sad to see him go. It's hard because we get really close to our investigators but life goes on.

The picture is from the massive fish market. I think it's the biggest in Busan. It's really nice, for a fish market. These are live sting rays. I think the coolest/weirdest thing is seeing people buy a few eels, skinned in a bucket still trying to get out. Ya... haha. I love Korea!

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