The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Foreign companion

Pictures: Singing "Let it Be", Fish Head soup, Elders Rob, Anderson, Clarke.

Ha, I bet you all thought my new companion would be Korean, but no. He's Australian. His name is Elder Rob. He has been out about a year and a half. He actually served in this area about 6 months ago for a transfer, now he is back. I'm really excited. Elder Snyder served with him in this area and loved it and I trust Snyder so I'm excited.

We spent pretty much all Preparation-day at the mission home which is really fun because we can see people we haven't seen for a long time. This past week was pretty busy. We went around and said alot of "good bye's." Elder Clarke will be home Wednesday. We had a kind-of Valentines party at the church on Saturday. It was way fun. It was basically just a music festival.

The Elders and the sisters sang "I will follow him" from the movie "The Sister Act". It was really fun. At the end they busted out the Karaoke for anyone to sing. It was so funny and interesting to hear older Koreans get us and sing Korean songs out of the 70's. Not quite the oldies I remember, but it was fun. We as missionaries got up and sang "Let it Be" by the Beetles. It was awesome. Koreans seem to really like Karaoke. It's definitely an Asian thing. I look forward to this transfer. Thanks for all the prayers and support. Love you all. Elder A

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