The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Sunday, February 8, 2009

This week was another good week. I think that the most exciting thing was that the sister missionaries asked me to baptize their investigator. Well... the investigator asked me. It was really good. It happened yesterday. She is a 14 year old girl, the hardest thing was the prayer. It was my fist baptism. Anyway.

Our investigator came to church again and watched the baptism. We were really excited about that. He still has a bit to go though. It's really exciting to see him progress and to change his life for the better. I love seeing the gospel work in peoples lives. This week I am kind of preparing for the "death of Clarke" (meaning his companion will complete his 2 years of service and go home). I will have to know the area pretty well, I am still working on it. We have had a few run-ins with some foreigners as of late. It's really strange. This one time we were walking down the road and crossed a small 4 way stop. While crossing we here to the left of us someone yelled "HEY MORMONS!" from a distance.

We both were a little stunned and we saw this white guy kind of jogging toward us. He apologized for the frank introduction and it even turns out his name was Frank. What a coincidence. He just wanted to tell us that he appreciated what we were doing even though he didn't have any interest in our church. It was pretty funny and surprising. Sometimes we get used to being the only ones that speak English. This next week should be interesting. Next time I write I may have my new companion or at least know who it will be. Exciting. Love you all.

Elder Anderson

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