The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Monday, March 9, 2009

good quick week

This week was pretty good. It went by really quick though because we had so much stuff going on. Always good to be busy. On Wednesday we went on splits with the district leader so the seniors went off in our area and I went to theirs. Jr splits is always fun especially since it was with my MTC companion Elder Singleton! Ha, it was a blast. We ended up having 2 lessons and knocked an apartment. It was really fun. When we were knocking doors we ran into this one lady that was a little crazy. She swung open the door and told us to come in and speak English to her son. It really kind of frustrating to have everyone think you are teaching English. We evaded that though and just started talking to her about religion. She wasn't interested at all but we still taught her and near the end she told us that the doctor wouldn't let her come to church because of her head. We took to mean that she is clinically insane. It wouldn't have surprised me to be honest. Ha ha, good times with Elder Singleton.

I'm not sure if I have explained this before but Koreans don't really get sarcasm in any way sense or form. Americans are pretty much all about although we try not to but it makes for a good laugh. We were talking to some people on the street and this missionary from another church came up to us and starts telling us to believe in the bible only and the we should change our lives right now on the street. We don't really argue with people like that so we just start speaking English to each other. Its fun because they can pick up a little of the English but they still don't quite get it. Its going to be weird to go back and everyone understands everything I'm saying in English.

I really think its funny when people try to convert us. Its like, OK. You think that I came all the way to Korea and am learning this extremely difficult language and I don't absolutely believe 100% what I'm teaching? Come now. They make me chuckle inside. This weekend was stake conference for the Busan stake. It was pretty exciting to see my old members from 해운대. We also had an area 70 come and speak to us. It was even in English translated to Korean so I could actually understand everything. It was weird to see him and the mission president and his wife on the stand. I haven't seen that many Americans on a stand for a while. Ha, strange. Korea and Korean is really fun. I love the work. It's exciting to see and be a part of this work. Thanks for the prayers. I love you all.Elder Anderson

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