The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Trivia Night plans

Hello! How are you all! This week has been great for us. We are still planning out Trivia Night and we hope its going to be great. I'm excited. One of the main things we needed was a huge roll of paper we could lay on the tables for people to draw on for fun. We were looking around for anything. I had one place in mind but they ended up not having it. Korea however has a lot of copy shops. Copyright laws aren't exactly enforced so they pretty much do anything you need. As we were walking I glanced into one and saw exactly what we needed. We went in, 3 white people with one Korean, and asked if we could buy a roll of their paper. After looking at us strange and asking why we needed it they sold it to us. We were pretty excited with our 3 foot giant roll of paper. Ha ha. We meet again with some 15 year old boys and played basket ball with them to brt(build the relationship) and then taught them more about Joseph Smith. I feel like we have become friends with the cool kid at school. One of them actually wants to meet with us and always brings a new friend. What kind of 15 year old does that? We were thinking about bringing back English class for them on Tuesday and be basically told us, "How many friends do I need to bring." Ha. He is one of those really nice, popular, sporty types of people. Him and his buddy even carry a Book of Mormon around in their backpacks. They have a lot of potential. We have also been working on 성한명's family. It was really cool, this week we taught them how to have family night. We and the sisters demonstrated for them. I made them a little 4 person Family Night chart like our family had that spins around to who does what. They are an amazing family. The sisters are still working with her to get baptized. It will happen eventually. Missionary work is so exciting. I love it. Thanks for the prayers and the support.Elder Anderson

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