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Monday, January 5, 2009

Transfer... New Companion... Elder Clarke and I am 21!

When I eat the soup on new years day, I turn a year older. I am 21 in Korea but 19 at home.

Well I'm out of 해운대. It was a lot of fun but I'm moving on along. Elder Snyder and Mikkelsen are now together in the same area but I have moved South. I am now about an hour by subway in Southern Busan. The area is called 괴정 (gwae jung.) I am now with Elder Clarke who is in his last transfer so I will be "killing" him. I am really excited. Anyway, most of my week was still spent in my last area. It was a really good week. Our investigator set a baptismal date which we were really excited for but then the next day didn't come out to church. The lady from English Class came to church again and will now start meeting with the sisters. I hope things go well for them. I decided Koreans seem to be very blunt about things. For example: In English Class a lady randomly told me that I would be more handsome if I got plastic surgery. It was really funny but I did not know what to say to that. i just stared into a corner and suppressed a laugh. Also one of our members gave me a going away present that is lotion that will supposedly get rid of my birthmark. Ha. Thanks but I like it.

Anyway, I still love them but it is definitely a different culture. I'm really excited about serving with Elder Clarke. I was defiantly spoiled in my last are but this is more of what Korea supposedly is. It's kind of strange because I have grown attached to that ward and our investigators and now I am switching everything around and will be serving in the same way but different place. It's hard to explain but I am ready to start up. I love the work. Thanks for all the Christmas things from so many people. I appreciate the support so much. Missionaries live off mail. Thanks again.Elder Anderson

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