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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Solar- The Lunar New Year

Sorry for the slight delay but this week was one of the biggest holidays in Korea called Solar. It celebrates the lunar new year. It is 3 days long and most Koreans go to visit both sides of the family. Its pretty crazy how packed the roads are. Everyone in Korea was on the move trying to travel. We did a lot of eating with members over the 3 days. The main day we had P-day and so we went with a bunch of missionaries to a college and played sports, mostly American football. It was really fun.

We usually get a bowl of their traditional soup along with other random foods. It's pretty good. I just barely starting to like the traditional rice drink that they serve all the time. Its pretty fun to be in the middle and a part of this culture. This is also somewhat of a memorial day for them where they go their ancestors graves and do little ceremonies to respect them. The main day was on Sunday so church was only sacrament meeting. Everyone is gone to see their family.

Family is so important to Koreans. Whether they are passed away or not everyone seems to have a lot of respect for family. Genealogy is something that is really big. I have heard multiple times of people getting baptized and having over 1,000 years of records of there family. It's been a really good week. We went and knocked doors this one time and I got a solid door slammed in my face. Its a pretty rare thing here because of the cameras at every door so they can just not talk to us if they choose. I had this one old grandpa that didn't look at his camera and just opened the door. I started to introduce us and as soon I said Jesus Christ he opened the door a little more and then gave it a hard slam that shook the floor we were on. Elder Clarke and I just sat there for a second and then just busted up laughing. I don't know why it was so funny but it was. This work is fun but hard. I love it. I hope all is well. Elder Anderson

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