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Sunday, January 18, 2009

deer, drivers and classes

Hello from the great hanguk. This week has been good. We met again with our investigator and he said that he will try to come to church the week after Solar (This Sunday) so he should be coming in about 2 weeks. We are really excited about that. This week we did a lot of organizing of records for our area. We have records of people back to 1998 spread out so we compressed them all into one giant folder, so it is much easier. We started a writing class and that has been going well. They think I'm amazing at English. Well, compared to them I guess I am but they still correct my spelling. Ha. Our normal English class in on Saturday and our writing one is on Tuesday. In our normal class we have a variety of people show up so we needed to separate into 2 groups. I taught the more advanced class and basically just free talked and tried to get them to talk. There was one man that showed up that liked it and seemed pretty interested in the church. Hopefully he comes more and we can talk about it.

We saw deer!! Out of our window! We live right next to a fairly seep mountain and about 100 yards out we saw some little Korean deer. It was quite exciting. Wildlife is pretty rare out here. This week was the first time I went with the branch president to visit less active members and it was quite the experience. I really like him, he is a solid member and really cares for people. He works as a police officer so when I got in his car I didn't quite expect to run 4 stoplights, no seat belt, and all the other crazy driving. Korea is definitely not quite as safe on the roads as the US. You are required to be licenced and there are laws, but no one really enforces it. Kind of interesting. Pretty much everyone runs stop lights if no one is coming, I have seen cars get honked at if they don't run the lights. Ha ha.

Speaking of driving. I was in a bus a few days ago and this little yellow car squeals past us going the other way, fish tails, and comes to a stop in the middle of the road. We were at a stop light so I got to see a man with a clip board jump out of the passenger side, run around the car in the middle of the road, and kick the kid out of the drives seat. I don't think he will be getting his licence any time soon. Some things about Korea are a little different but everyday I see things and think that we are really the same. Same emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc. We all really are children of God. I hope all is well back home. I love it out here. It's hard but rewarding.Elder Anderson

mom: from Caleb's questions this week I learned: He is assigned to one branch, they are encouraged to teach families, the temperature is right around freezing, not too bad. His companion is Elder Clarke, is from Riverton and runs track for UVU, red hair, taller, "everyone likes him" "willing to do."

a favorite saying of Caleb's: "kae kit hal suie sumnida" it means "can be clean" like from sin or your apartment.

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