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Thursday, June 10, 2010

America is just no fun.......

I like Korea in so many funny different ways. When I pass by a construction sight and have to dodge the back-hoe and jump over the rubble I can't help but think that America is just no fun. Always having to watch out for motorcycles while walking on the side walk makes you always have to be thinking which is a good thing. Sometimes thinking is not what you want to be doing, usually while eating. Usually the food is really good but sometimes not, the weird thing is that I kind of enjoy eating crazy foods just to say that I can.

If the Amazing Race is still going on I think that dad and I should try to sign up. I was thinking about that this week as we were rushing from one appointment to another and I kind of realized how funny I must look. A white guy running around with a backpack in the backstreets of Korea. I love Korea. I hope everyone is preparing properly for the World Cup. I tell a lot of people that I have a friend serving in South Africa and they just go off on how they want to go down and watch it. Korea is way into Soccer and Base Ball. I'm still not sure why Asians are so into baseball but more power to them.

This week was really good. Our stake has devised a plan to teach all the members all the lessons in a matter of about 5 months. We will be meeting with our ward to fully plan out how they want it is to be done. We are going to have to split to cover everyone and not have it take up all of our time. I am really excited. We have been teaching quite a bit lately and I feel like both Elder Kim and I are improving. We are working well. I am excited about the potential in this area and pray for the ability to help. I love this work. By the way I just took a body test at the city hall and am in the average area in everything. Basically i am really healthy right now and i am really grateful for it. Love you all!

Elder Anderson

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