The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

things are good in Korea

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. Today is a pretty good looking day. Sun shining, light breeze, 65ish degrees. Korea is amazing this time of year. This week was really good as they usually are. We had 3 less actives show up to church which we were really excited about. 2 of them seemed like they liked it and participated in the lessons. We have been pretty busy lately.

One thing we had to do was to go check up on the youngchun house which we are currently looking after while missionaries are not in that area. It is pretty out of the way but we have to go there once in a while and pay bills and what not. On the way back we had to take 2 different buses for a total of and hour and a half. On the bus we were able to teach 3 different people quite a bit because of the length so that was a blessing. We actually met a lady that I had talked to previously on the same bus line. I had showed her my picture book which she still remembered and talked about families. She especially remembered Franny's twins. That made it really easy to be able to continue to teach about the Book of Mormon and the restoration. Unfortunately she wasn't too interested and lives forever away. I think she will look into it more and if she has questions she has our phone number.

Yesterday we had a really good lesson with the lady and daughter that we taught last week. The lady understood a lot better than we could speak Korean. I don't know how we would survive without the spirit. She now needs to read and pray which she is hesitant to do. I really hope and pray that she does find out about the truth of the gospel for herself. It it amazing. Unfortunately as foreigners we make a few mistakes with the language. It is a lot easier to notice your companions mistakes and this week he had 2 which made us laugh pretty hard afterword. The first is where we were teaching about Adam and Eve and he was trying to explain that Adam was our first parent but rather he said that Adam was in fact the first Buddha. That could cause all sorts of confusion. The other was when he was asking about a certain table in the house. He thought that they respected their ancestors with it but when he asked about it he asked, "Do you commit suicide on this table?" Korean is awesome. We defiantly need the spirit to translate a few things still. The church is true!

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