The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's just ringworm, no big deal.....

I am good, except for the ring worm growing on my leg. It looks pretty cool, I've never had it before but I am in the process of trying to destroy it with anti-fungal cream. Pretty sweet. Besides my little extra stuff on my leg the week was good.
We met with a Jehovah's witness and talked about our churches. It was actually amazing to me as to how much of what he had to say we already believed. For the most part I felt like he had truth and we were just adding on to what he already had. I think the thing that struck us the most was when we asked him to read the book of Mormon and pray about it he said that he would but that he could not receive revelation to tell him if it was true or not. It is interesting because that is exactly what we tell people they need to do. They don't need to trust our knowledge on gospel subjects but they can simply ask an all-knowing being and we believe that he will answer. Wow, I am so grateful for a church based on active revelation. Trust God.
This week we were also able to meet again with a mother and daughter. With them we talked a lot about Adam and Eve, a subject that is quite different in our church. We explained the fall and they accepted it and understood. Now they need to read the Book of Mormon, its hard when they don't, but this time they promised with interest rather than just told us they would. We have a few things that could quickly turn into good things. We had neighbors recently move in as well who are very friendly (bring us food). The mother is really nice and they have a JR High boy who thinks its awesome to have two American friends he can point out to his friends. Ha. We are living and growing. I hope I always feel that way. The Church is true!

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