The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Sunday, December 14, 2008

our missionaray Christmas card.

I only have 30 minutes because we got permission to go to a local amusement
park today so I will get right into it. This week has been really good. We had
zone conference where we got our new rule books from President Jennings and a
few things were announced. Apparently it is now world wide policy that all
companionships get a cell phone! This is going to be amazing for us and I'm
sure other missionaries as well. The Korean people are so dependent on their
cell phones and when we don't have one we miss a lot of things. We are really
happy about it and I'm sure it will only help the work. We will get them in
about a month or so. Our Investigators are doing good. The one we inherited is
still having problems with the word of wisdom so we will have to move his
baptismal date. The Other one that found us is doing great. We are still
teaching him but unfortunately we can only meet with him once a week. We are
trying to figure out a way that we can meet with him more often. He should be
able to come to church next week because his wife and baby will be back. This
week we also got a change in the bishopric. The new Bishop will be amazing. We
already work with him a lot. He devotes so much time to the church, he said that
we can expect more calls from the ward now. We are more than willing to help him
out in anything. Overall it has been a great week. We are already starting the
4Th week of the transfer! Wow, time flies. I love the work. Thanks for the


Elder Anderson

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