The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last week Elder Cook, this week President Uchtdorf!

Last week Elder Cook, this week Pres. Uchtdorf!

Wow. It was so amazing. No one expected the Tuesday devotional speaker to be another apostle but low and behold, church security was there. The most important people have teleprompters they use, they just read there talk but President Uchdorf and his wife didn't. Oh wow, I had never heard his wife speak before. She has a much thicker accent and is very excited. She told about her conversion story and was just fun to listen to. Her English wasn’t great and sometimes she would stop and try to think of the conjugation of a word which made me think about how I do the same thing with Korean. President Uchtorf's talk was amazing. The whole think was powerful and we could really tell that he truly cared about this work. He talked a bit about the restoration and how it is our message to the world. We have the church that Christ set up 2000 years ago! He also spoke about time and using the time that we have wisely. My favorite quote from him was this: “The bad thing is that time flies, the good thing is that you are the pilot. Definitely a President Uchtdorf (Pilot for Lufthansa in his previous life) thing to say, I loved it.
I got Josh's letter which was really fun. He said in the letter that when we get a referral here at the MTC that it sometimes gets texted to the missionaries cell phones! That is so awesome that we can now do that.
Elder Singletons knee is doing much better and should be 100% by the time we go to Korea. Wow! It’s so close, scary and exciting to think about. It's fun to be the older district. We go around sometimes and help the younger district with there testimonies which is fun. Although, they all seem to know more than I did at that time. Ha. It's probably not quite true. Once in a while we are able to talk to a native speaking Korean and I understand nothing. But, everyone says that it's normal and life goes on. Oh yes, and a quick note about the BYU football game... I could defiantly hear it from the MTC. And then to here the score... I did not like that too much. Once in a while I would hear a huge yell in the distance and then the band would begin to play. Obviously having just scored. Ha-ha. They should just put big soundproof walls around the MTC. That might work. Well, life is good at the MTC. We are nearly the oldest missionaries possible. I can't wait to get out to the field; it's going to be so hard. I love you all! Oh ya, I now put Tabasco sauce on EVERYTHING. So good.Elder Anderson

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