The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blink and Suddenly I am here-almost ready to leave the MTC

Time really flies in this place. I think that the first 3 weeks were the longest and then in a blink and I was suddenly here, getting ready to go. I get the feeling that this is how the mission thing is going to be. I can't believe how much I have progressed from the time I have been here. Not just with the language but even more so spiritually. I think it's funny to see missionaries who have been here 3 weeks and think they have been here forever. Ha-ha. The whole MTC experience has not at all been what I expected. I actually like it and I will miss it. It truly is what you make it. If you plan on it being terrible it will be and visa versa. This week at our Sunday fireside, Brother Allen gave a talk about not being stupid missionaries. It was really good and it really brought the point across that we are representing Jesus Christ and a group of 13 million people. It really is amazing that the church would let this huge group of 19 year old boys out on there own to teach the true gospel of Jesus Christ. There are around 60,000 missionaries world wide with little supervision on what they actually do. We have been trusted to bring this gospel to the world, this giant group of 19 year old kids. Anyway, I think that is about it from me this week. I hope everyone is doing well. I am really sorry about Paul (My 45 year old Uncle was hit and killed by a car in Sugar City Idaho on Wednesday) I wish I could be there. My prayers are with you all.
We just had an odd morning. An Elder left the MTC because of health issues. He has been throwing up every day now for 3 weeks and no one really knows what is going on so they took him out and hopefully they will be able to get him help. It was pretty sad to see him go and even though we have really only have known each other for 10ish weeks it was pretty depressing to see him leave. He plans on coming back and because he is so close to leaving the MTC he will not have to come back but he will fly straight to Korea. I think that’s about it. Congratulations on all the babies! That’s really exciting. (Rachael had a boy on the 23rd and Frances had her twin girls on the 28th of September) It is strange to think that I will not know any of them until they are 2. Elder Anderson

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