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Sunday, September 21, 2008

I don't want a flu shot

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This is from Janae:

Even though I have no contact with Caleb except his weekly email, I have my resources. Since we live 15 minutes away from the MTC, Caleb's companion thinks he knows EVERYONE. At the Dr's office a few weeks ago, our neighbor Sheri Jenkins saw him and emailed me with a good report. My neighbor LeAnn, who lives across the street volunteers at the MTC in the immunization clinic every Wednesday and she delivers things for me.... Laundry soap, Doritos, shoes, candy, chips and salsa... whatever. Caleb knows to go and find her on Wednesdays for "treats" and he seems to have 1-3 other missionaries with him. Missionaries must always have their"companion" with them. LeAnn brought my two check lists and had him fill them out and delivered it to me that evening.

She usually just says "he is doing great" or "Caleb was made to be a great missionary", or "he is just so cute with his companions" etc.This week I had a message on my answering machine to call her about Caleb and here is the story.

She saw Caleb at her immunization clinic with his companion. The clinic is going crazy just starting to give the flu shots. The missionaries are to make an appointment for the shot and pay for it when it is received. His companion was in line and had previously made an appointment for his flu shot. Caleb was not in line. LeAnn said "Why aren't you getting your flu shot?" Caleb told her he had the flu last week (He was coughing). LeAnn got the head nurse to come over and said "this missionary seems to think he had the flu last week, have we had any cases of the flu here?" "no" "Caleb, you were sick but didn't have the flu. you need to get your flu shot" Caleb is usually quite obedient and has had flu shots before under duress. Two times he received shots (not flu) he nearly passed out, turned white and needed some sugar. He says he doesn't like shots.

LeAnn asked if he could get his shot today and they said " no, he needs an appointment." LeAnn wrote a check (I still don't know how much it was) and marched him to the front of the line and had them give him a shot so she could make sure he had it done. HE DID IT! She said she knew I would have done the same with any boy in our ward and she is right.
She fed him some cookies after and he had no reaction. He waited 20 minutes for his companion
to receive his shot and that was that.
Elders Bocciano and Singleton

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Lauren said...

Poor caleb, I am a terrible shot getter as well but once you have the shot you just feel better about life being immune to it's horrid germs.