The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Monday, August 16, 2010


Upon saying good bye to people, Koreans tend to turn to food to satisify their sadness. Yesterday was my last day in my last area and we basically ate from the time church ended until we got home at 9:00 that night with a slight break where we thought we were going to knock doors but then got a phone call from our investagator saying we need to go eat. By the end of the day we both had headaches from all the food. It was a good week. We basically got a baptismal date with our 2 investagators for next transfer. It was a really good lesson.

Even though it is the end of my mission I am still learning things about Korean culture. For example, most would never guess what an influentual roll  the TV show Macguyver played in Asia. When it first came to Asia, Koreans sucked it up and most of all the older people know exactly who he is. It was then in reruns a few years back and so now everyone and their dog knows and loves Macguyver. A Swiss army knife is in fact call a Macguyber knife here. A fitting name for all it's many uses. The think I learned something this week I always have wondered about. Why do so many asian kids have mullet haircuts? My companion  informed me that it is not called a mullet but "Macguyver style" You can go into any barber and he will know what a Macguyver style is. Koreans are so funny. Sometimes I will just start humming the Macguyver theme song and someone will point it out all excited. Korea is amazing. See you the end of this week!

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