The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last week of Missionary service

Hello! So this is my last week of missionary work in my area. Next week Monday is transfers so the new elder will come and I am bumped out for a week. Anyway, point is that things are coming to an end quick and it is frightening. This week was really good. We had branch conference and since we are the branch presidency we had to organize and invite people. We had 21 people show up which was really good for this area. We had our two older couple investigators show up and it was a really good experience for them to see the branch functioning under the stake. 강병철(the husband) is still trying to quit smoking which is nearly the only thing keeping them from being baptized. 이금녀(the wife) and I had a really nice chat after Church during lunch (*note: Koreans often have lunch after church with the whole ward). She thanked me for the small time that I have served in this area and said that she will tell God that I taught her when we all meet him together. She also promised to call me when she gets baptized. Such an amazing couple. She is working on getting her son to come to church and take the lessons and fully believes that he will be baptized and that her line of members will go on forever. You may be able to tell but she reads a lot of the Liahona (church magazine) Ha. Amazing couple who have been slowly prepared for years. It is amazing to see this work go forward.

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Ashley Luck and Randy Luck said...

Hi this is Elder Harken's sister (the one who has been responsible for his blog....and has been brought to repentance.) I'm sorry, I didn't realize anyone actually read it. So I have posted dated back since April. There are fun pictures and stories. Thanks for supporting him. He sure loves being out there.