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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Party preparations

So this is kind of weird because I called my parents and family yesterday but I guess I will try to push out an email as well. I have been informed that my emails are not entertaining. Sorry, I will try but I am simply not an entertaining person especially when comparing with Elder Travis Gowen. Anyhow, this week we have spent a lot of time as members. By this I mean that we have been planning our Christmas party. It has taken a little more time then we would have liked but it will be good and hopefully members will invite there friends. We have some less actives that have promised to come. I think it should turn out well. It will be the day before Christmas so pictures should follow next week if I remember to take them. We went over to the branch pres. house this week because they have been asking us to make root beer for them and teach them how. Not many Koreans like the stuff but they both do so they were extremely appreciative for it all. On the way out they gave us as much stuff as we could carry including salsa from Costco and money for the taxi. I have found it a problem in the church that people are more than willing to serve but when it comes to being served not many will let it be. I really appreciated all the stuff they gave us but when that kind of thing happens you leave the house feeling good because you got a lot of food rather than feeling like you helped and served them. Anyway, that was just my thought for the week. We will definitely put that salsa to good use. :) Hope everything is well back home ya all.

(note from mom: Caleb called for our Christmas call as we will not be available on Christmas day. He took the cards and ornaments we sent and turned them in to invitations for the ward Christmas party inviting many people to the party. I asked him if he gives talks in church. He said he just gave one on Family Home evening. I asked him if he talked about our family- we're pretty good at FHE-- he said "no" and then said "of course I did" He gets up at 6:30 and eats a hard boiled egg for breakfast! that is all. I asked him how much he weighs. He went from 180 to 153. We hope we have some of our boy when he gets home 8 months from now. He does like Korean food and eats it regularly. He was in positive spirits. Laughing and having a good time.)

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