The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Any ideas... Christmas party for 20 people?

Transfers came and left. Elder Morrow and I will be staying together but Elder Ballantyne has come up with Elder Singleton and will be in my district. I'm excited, I served in the same district with him for 3 transfers when I was in Chinhae. This week was good. We weren't able to meet the kid I talked about in our last week but we have an appointment for this week. We have been going around and practice teaching with members for their benefit and ours. It is a good way to get to know them and build trust. We also had a neat experience while knocking doors. Fist of all we actually got into a house. We have came up to 1/1000 doors we get into. Its a rounded number but its almost dead on. That's a lot of doors so we are quite excited when we do get in. We came in and told them about our book. They let us and and immediately sat us down to eat dinner. There was a 15 years old kid and his grandparents. They were really nice and the 15 year old took a quick liking to the Book of Mormon. While we were there he read all of the introduction and the testimonies in the front. Apparently he likes reading. The grandma was really nice and actually invited us to their Church which we may take her up on later. She called us again Sunday to see if we could come but we had a thing in Tague so we couldn't go. We should be able to meet him as well but because of school he is busy. I really hope we can meet him soon. We have also been commissioned by our ward to do plan the Christmas party... Any ideas for a branch of 20 people? We made Halloween pretty good so they have high expectations. It should be fun but we need to come up with something quick. It was a good week. I'm excited to be with Elder Morrow for another. He has now been here for 4 transfers and it's the only area he knows. Pretty crazy. I really like the area which is good because i should be here for a while. Hope all is well back home.

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