The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Monday, July 13, 2009

My first talk

Welp, mom is out of the country and won't get this for a while so I debated just not sending one but she would probabaly consider me dead so I will inform you on my week. Relations with the wards are getting better. It is sometimes hard to show both wards we are working because they only see half our work but we are going good. We got a new investigator this week from a referal from a different area. He is in the Navy as a diver for his profession. He is really cool, very built. He has a lot of English interest but we taught him the first and he followed along and asked questions. We will see how that goes down the road.

This Sunday I gave my first talk in Korean. In every ward you go to you give a greeting talk and a leaving talk. Every once in a while we also give other talks like this one. I spoke on smiling and being willing to talk to people. It was good. I felt like it created more of a bond with that ward. It was hard though. I really like giving talks and making them entertaing and good but doing that in Korean is a bit more difficult than in English.

This last P-day we went to an island that had 3 little museams on it. There was a restored battle ship, a navle battle museam, and an ocean museam. It was really fun to see. Korean museams seem to have quite a bit more technology shoved into them. In the middle of the battleship there was a room full of computers and a full stage simulator game in the navel musean and other fun things. Korea is fun. It was a good week. Life is still good. Thanks for the letters and support. Love you all!Elder Anderson

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