The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

break in and another transfer

Elder Rockwood

Another fairly crazy week for me. Two big things happened that threw us all off. First of all our church was broken into. Elder Rockwood and I were first on the scene. They had spray painted a lot of the outside and wrote on the front mat in Korean "We hijacked." They had somehow gotten into the building and messed it up pretty good. We made our way upstairs to the second floor and found it a mess. They had used the kitchen to make who knows what and also used the font as a bath. Other stuff had been scattered all over. We then went to the 3rd floor where the chapel is. On our way up we started to smell cigarette smoke and saw it had been messed up as well. What surprised us is that we walked into the chapel to find 5 Jr high students chilling near the piano smoking. There were 3 boys and 2 girls. I'm pretty sure they were more surprised than we were. They had burnt an umbrella in the middle of the floor and spray painted a few things. They kids quickly removed themselves from the scene of the crime. Only one kid seemed to be sorry. As he left he kind of looked at us and said "It's a church!" in Korean. As they were leaving I grabbed my camera and got 2 pictures of them all. One was good and got most of their faces. I gave it to the police when they came and about 2 hours later we found of that they brought the picture to the schools in the area where they were identified and caught. They next 2 days were spent helping the bishop out in cleaning up the place and repairing a few things.

Second crazy thing. Transfers 2 weeks early! President called up on Thursday night and informed us that Elder Rockwood would leave to another area. Quite the surprise but it's happened to me before. An Elder has to go home early for school so they had to do a little adjustment. For 2 weeks I will be in another threesome with the other area in our district. Elder Bordman and Balentine. Pretty exciting week. I really enjoyed Elder Rockwood. He was a great first junior. On to new things. This will be 7 transfers and 9 companions. I am a pretty troublesome missionary apparently. :) Our investigator ee ien gol(이인걸) is doing good. We were able to meet him with sister Olsen(She is Korean but married an American and has forgotten most her Korean) It went well. He is really nice and willing to listen These next couple of weeks we will have to cover 3 areas rather than just the two so it will be a little more difficult but fun as well. Elder Rockwood and I are sending our emails to the other's families. Hope everything is still going good for ya all. Korea is awesome. I love this work. Hard but it has a lot of rewards with it.

(note from dad: I taught Caleb in the areas I have apartments, a camera is more powerful than a gun)

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