The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Monday, November 3, 2008

New Horizon

This week has been good. The highlight of this week was the group New Horizon. They are a singing group of missionaries that went to Korea about 30 years ago. They got back together recently and toured Korea giving firesides and we were a stop. We were lucky enough to have them come to our ward. One of the members of the group came to our Gospel principles class (taught mostly in English for foreigners) and talked about the group. He said that there mission president did a survey to find out how many Koreans actually knew the name of our church. 7%. He wanted a way to boost that so he got together some missionaries that could sing and play instruments well and had them start singing and talking about our church with people. Apparently it was a huge success. The got on Radio and Television. Each time they were on they would tell everyone that they were Mormon missionaries and that all Mormon missionaries were tall, white, and loved Kimchee. He talked about people letting missionaries into their house saying, "Ya, I saw you on TV, come in" The president then did the same survey and 70% of Koreans new our church after that. I kindofwish we had something like that today. They all were there for our sacrament meeting and it really donned on me. This is really going to be with me all my life. It was fast Sunday and many of the members of New Horizons got up and talked about there amazing time here and how Korea has always been apart of their lives. Elder Snider and I were talking about it and its just strange that we will eventually be there. 50 year old returned missionaries with only a memory. I will use my time I have to the best of my abilities. The work is hard but I love it.Everything is well, the work goes on.

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