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Sunday, November 9, 2008

4 Weeks in Korea!!!

I cant believe I have been out here for 4 weeks! I am now starting to get used to some of the weird things about the mission and the country. I really do love it here. My area is called Heyenda, it is probably the richest part of Pusan so I really do not have it bad at all. It is full of people. The beginning part of this week was pretty tough. We knocked on so many doors and no one would even open them. About half way though the week we decided to go out further from the main city where there hasn't been a lot done. We prayed about where to go and decided to go to this one apartment that was really far away. We went all the way over and found some apartments that have been amazing. We have contacts that we are going to go visit and all sorts of people are letting us in. Its about a 30min walk from where we live, the people are so nice.

It turns out they are full of army personnel. That explains why they all seem to know quite a bit of English. We are so happy the Lord led us to somewhere that would give us a chance and we hope that we will see some more success there. We currently have 2 investigators but neither are really progressing. One of them is getting a hold of some anti material which is really depressing. We are able to answer anything she has given us but she won't stop looking. Heyenda is really nice for me because most the ward and our investigators speak really good English so if i just can't think of it in Korean I can say it in English and they understand. I'm honestly pretty spoiled here.

Here is something interesting: Koreans don't use A B C D E F G when dealing with music. They use Do Ray Me Fa So La Te. It makes sense, they don't use our alphabet but I just never though about it. "Ray sharp" just sounds so strange. Ha ha.
The work is going well and I really do love it. I hope all is well and I appreciate your prayers and support. Love you all! Elder Anderson

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