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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Farewell Gyeongsan and Hello Goomi

Hello! I have more time than I expected. I am currently on a train from Busan to Goomi. It is in the furthest northern district in our mission. My next companion is Elder Kim. He is 28 years old and only recently started his mission. I will probably only be with him for one transfer before he leaves as he has already been in that area for 3 transfers. I am really excited to serve there. I hear the work is going really well there. I will still be in the same zone. This transfer there were many changes and they will continue as the size of our mission continues to decrees. The last estimate I heard was 69 missionaries to be the plan. When I started we had about 110. Quite the change of things but we are coping.

This week was a pretty sad week. I have been in Gyeongsan for 7 months and it was sad to go. I almost couldn't believe the amount of friends that I had in members, investigators, and random people on the street. A neighbor lady tried for about 10 minutes to give me $100 because that is what Koreans do when they are sad to see people leave. Naturally I couldn't take it but I appreciated the effort. She kept praising my parents for raising me and told me to thank them so, thank you mom and dad. It was sad to go but I like change and I know I will like my next area and companion. Elder Kerrigan and I served together for 3 transfers which will be the most of any of my companions. it was really fun and he is an amazing missionary. I am glad I got that time with him and in that area. I hope that all goes well in America. Don't worry about what you hear on the news. Koreans don't worry about it. They have seen these types of things over and over again.
It is so crazy that Lauren is now in the MTC. I have been telling everyone and their dog. Its pretty cool. I am trying before I leave to have the signs on our churches say "Visitors Welcome." The campaign is going well I think. President told the whole mission that he mentioned it to the area authority and stake presidents but I'm not sure how it will go. It got a few people who knew that I have been pushing it to look at me and laugh. I hope it gets up someday.

Love you all!

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Helena said...

There was a sister from Goomi that was serving here in the Tacoma mission. I never got to meet her but I found out we have some friends in common, so after she went home I called the mission office and got the number for the missionaries in Goomi, and they gave me her number, and I called and talked to her a bit. (Her name is Jang Ji Hwa, but I think she's in Utah now, so not in Goomi anymore.)