The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

no phone, banana bread failure, practice practice practice

This week has been the last week of the transfer. We still don't have our phone so it has been a little interesting. We should be getting a new one from the mission home any day now. Hopefully.

We have recently been going over to a older member of the ward who is always home and teaching him for practice. I won't lie, it is testing my humility to the extreme. He wants us to be good teachers so he will stop us after nearly every sentence and tell us how to better say it. It is helping and to prove to myself that I am humble I am forcing myself to go back again and again. Whew, its hard but I need the help.

We tried making banana bread to take around to people but the salt we had was affected by the humidity so it was hard to stir in and.... we didn't feel comfortable giving it to members. Ha.

This week in church the stake presidency came and it nearly doubled our attendance! The second counselor gave a really good talk about the Book of Mormon and told a story of going to Mongolia when they only had a small portion of the book of Mormon but their faith was still strong. They knew it was true. I talked to him after about it and mentioned that my grandpa was mission president there a while ago. I think it happened before him though. Although, I herd "Call" which could have been Clark when I spoke to him. I am also giving a talk in sacrament meeting this week about the Book of Mormon. I love that we have been given such an amazing evidence of the power and proof of a Heavenly Father. The church is true! Elder Anderson

The picture is of the one river running through our city. When it freezes people go out on boards with blades and push themselves with sticks that have metal spiked ends. It looked pretty fun, I wanted to go.

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