The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Monday, August 17, 2009

Elder MacGyuver

We have been teaching more Sri Lankans. Strange but true. We taught an amazing lesson to a man named Franando. The spirit was so strong, I was teaching in English but we had to go really slow to make sure he understood everything. It is so fun to see the lights come on in someones eyes. This gospel is amazing. We have done a lot of traveling this week. We had zone conference and all the Korean missionaries ran off to Seoul for a conference so we had to manage around all that. We have been doing a lot of reactivation work recently. A few may start coming back to church which would be amazing. Our goal is to really have them remember what they felt when they were baptized. Most remember the missionaries that taught them and the feelings they had at that time. We just need to rekindle that flame.

Right now I am actually with the 2 elders in Masan because my companion had to go to do a military thing in Pusan. Because everyone must be in the military they have to do little things every once in a while to keep them up on it I guess. We will meet back up in Busan on Wednesday.

My companion and I get along well. He is pretty convinced that I could be MacGyver. I randomly fix things around the house like the toilet or the fridge or the lock on our door. He thinks it's amazing. When I fixed our bikes with only a roll of tape he started singing the theme song to the show. Ha. Now it's an occasional thing to hear him humming it when something that used to be broken is still working. Ha, Koreans. Anyway, the work still moves on. I love it out here in Korea. Its so crazy and foreign sometimes but then I look at American things and that's pretty crazy too. I don't know what to believe anymore. I'll just stick with the gospel. Thanks for the support and love.

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