The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Korea Pusan Mission

Monday, June 22, 2009

new companion new area Elder Rockwood and I are in Chinhae poonghoe

Wow, so our whole MTC district is now senior except for one sister because she didn't have to. Fun fun. This last week in 상인 was good but a little rough. Because of my companion, Elder 이태희's surgery on his foot we did a lot of sitting at home and studying. I'm all for studying for forever but it gets pretty boring pretty quick. I was sad to leave the ward. They were really good to me and very patient. We had a really nice area... but now I am very far from there. I am now in 진해/풍호 (chinhae/poonghoe.) I am with Elder Rockwood from Indiana. He is really good and we are very much alike. He went to Stanford and is pretty smart (That's our biggest difference) He is 4 transfers below me so we are not that far apart at all. I think it will be a good transfer for us. It may be interesting though because when we meet people they like to get to know us. We each bring some pictures representing who we are. In both of our sets of pictures we each have a picture of us riding camels, people may think that all Americans ride camels. Ha.

I am really excited for this transfer. We are the only Elder area to cover 2 wards so that should be interesting. We don't even really have sisters in our area although they may come here because of some investigators that they have(they just barely moved them out of the area.) Our area is right to the west of Busan. It is basically a bay surrounded with boats and ship building stuff, surrounded by houses/apartments, and surrounded by mountains. Its a pretty beautiful area. This last week the humidity just came rolling in which makes it really hot. It's not insanely bad though, still bearable. I think we will have a lot of fun and do tons of work this transfer. I'm really excited. Hope all is going well!

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